We are happy for our friends, but our hearts are heavy... 

We bring you sad news this week. After much deliberation and prayer, we announce that both our lead singer and bass will be departing Omega. After several recent changes in all of our lives they feel this was the best direction for each of them to go. We are sad to see them go, but we know that God has great things in store for them as they continue to follow His will and way. Here are their own words on the matter:

Kevin Harry - Lead
"Hi friends...this is Kevin. With a peaceful and content heart, I am announcing my departure from Omega. I want to thank you all for your kindness and support of me and the guys. All of your compliments and prayers will stay with me forever. I love these guys, and it has been a privilege to share the stage with them. I'll never stop singing and sharing God's love through music, but I feel Him leading me in other directions..."

Rick Walls - Bass
"Hey Everyone...Rick Here... It is time for me to announce my departure from Omega. I have enjoyed singing with these guys and meeting all of you at our concerts. I wanna say thanks for all the kind and encouraging words. It has been a pleasure meeting and worshipping with all of you..."

As you grow to like and love a group's music, you feel connected with not only each individual, but also the group as a whole unit. So, we definitely understand that changes in groups that you like are hard  to understand and accept. When something happens and changes come, any amount of speculation can be made about what transpired between the group. We want to very open and  honest with our fans, family, and friends. Know that there was no one particular thing that led to the decisions that have been made. There was no fight. There was no secret sin. There were no diabolical schemes. There simply was a cross in the roads of all of our lives, and we each took the road that God was leading us down. There is still a tremendous amount of love and understanding between us.

It is Omega's most honest and humble prayer that all of you will pray for not only the group, but also Kevin and Rick as we each strive to try to follow God's will for our each of our lives the best way we know how.

We love you ALL!

“Love Worth Dying For” goes to #66 in Singing News Top 80 

Today we are all counting our blessings as we receive the news that our brand new single has reached number 66 in the Singing News Magazine Top 80 for the month of July. We are so grateful that God has sent us a song with such a powerful message. We would like to thank John Lemonis for letting us sing his song and Morris Music Group for bringing the song to life with their wonderful arragement. And most of all, thanks to all the DJ’s who continue to play our music!

Guess who popped the question? 

We are happy to announce our lead singer, Mr. Kevin Harry, has recently become engaged to the beautiful Ms. Stephanie Walker. We are excited for both of them as they embark on this new journey in their lives!



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Lighthouse Gospel Music Association

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